Controversy’s favourite child, Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram, is full of her feeds which become the talk of social media every time she uploads anything. Right from appearances in musical videos, inaugurating some brand or simply attending a grand function, she makes sure the world sees her often with active internet uploads.

In fact, she was once voted as ‘The most vulgar dress worn by a Bollywood actress’ when social networking site Quora asked users. Rakhi wore this black dress with PM Narendra Modi’s pictures printed on an awkward position.



Rakhi Sawant‘s Instagram post on International Yoga Day caught everybody’s attention. It wasn’t even her flexibility, but her catchy red outfit which resembled more like a Baywatch bodysuit!



In fact, her bodysuit had lines and cuts in the middle section, which certainly didn’t do much for her already-tarred reputation.



When the name Rakhi Sawant pops up, how can one forget the smooch she shared with singer Mika Singh on his birthday party!


Rakhi Sawant



While it appears Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram is full of her publicity stunts, there’s another incident involving Mahika Sharma, and not Mika Singh, which has come to light.



Fans are confused after Bigg Boss 11 contestant Mahika took a dig at Rakhi on Instagram recently.



For the unknown, the 23-year-old actress has featured in minor roles in movies like ‘Mardaani’ and ‘Mr. Joe B. Carvalho’. She’s a proud Assamese whose last Instagram post is all about her state:



However, Mahika is best known for her sexual desires for Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. She herself confessed to this and you can read about it here.



The Zee TV’s ‘Ramayan’ actress also made headlines after reports of her starring opposite British adult film actor Danny D in his Bollywood debut spread like wildfire.


Mahika has since left major hints about being in a relationship with Danny D with her recent Instagram posts.



However, in her new controversy, Mahika asked Rakhi if her condom brand ‘Beboy’ exists after the latest ban on plastics.



Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram became a battlefield, where she abused back the young TV actress for her ‘controversial’ and ‘weird’ condom question.



Rakhi responded back to Mahika in her usual way – with abusive words and insensitive remarks. In one video, Rakhi said Mahika kinds will get AIDS if condoms got banned!



In another video, Rakhi improves Mahika’s ‘condom’ knowledge, saying that condoms are made out of rubber, not plastic.



Although both actresses have deleted their Instagram posts, a glimpse of it still lies in Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram account. She later posted this video which has received a lot of flak over its nudity and content:


If it’s a promotional stunt or not, one doesn’t know yet. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s sassy reply is hard to digest! Tell what you think of it in the comments section.