There’s no doubt about the fact that Poonam Pandey is the hottest model on social media platforms (At least many think so).

The actress is known for her sultry and bold avatars; her hot pics and videos are the main reasons behind her huge fan following.
Every now and then, she comes up with new and unique things to woo the hearts of her fans. This time, she has gone out of the way to attract attention.

Well, Poonam was doing an Instagram live session this morning & she suffered from a nip-slip (Don’t know intentionally or unintentionally)

Here’s the video of the same;

Well, Poonam looked really embarrassed when she realized that a nip-slip happened. She even said “Holy Sh*t” and then smiled “Nothing happened”.

We are sure fans must have enjoyed the moment a lot; after all, this is what they seek from her.