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Nistha Dudeja: is the one name who won the Miss Deaf India Beauty Pageant 2018 in April. Despite the limitations of her physical abilities, she has many talents including in sports and also she does social works. Hailing from Delhi Nistha Dudeja-22 years old participated in the Miss and Mister Deaf India contest which was held in Jaipur. Miss Deaf India pageant was organized by the Rajputana Deaf Arts and Culture Society (RDACS).

The beauty queen Nishtha can’t hear (100 per cent deafness). She is a lawn tennis player and had represented India on the international platform during the Deaflympics 2013 held in Bulgaria, the World Deaf Tennis Championship 2015 which is held in the UK, and the Deaflympics 2017 in Turkey.

Today completed one month as Miss Deaf India 2018! Today I'm dedicating this post to my parents who supported me throughout my journey. Initially when I told my dad about my thoughts of participating in Miss Deaf India, he was skeptical about it like every parent would be. Then I took him to Indore to watch the pageant. He then agreed with me, but he was still not sure about it. After participation in Deaflympics 2017, we told my mom about the plan, she was also skeptical about it. But I believed in myself and I also let them know what my intentions were. When they got to know about my determination, they stood by me like a rock. Without their support, I won't have been where I'm today! Thanks Maa and Paa ❤️❤️ #MissDeafIndia #NishthaDudeja #RoadToMissDeafWorld #Parents

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Nishtha won the heart of judges with her fashion statements and the confidence she carries. She also won the Best Hair Style Awards during the contest and performed Bhangra which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. In the final round of the contest, Nishtha was asked, “If you win the crown of Miss Deaf India today, what will be your future goals?”

For this, she replied, “If I win the title of Miss Deaf India, my immediate goal will be to win Miss Deaf World for my country which I believe I can win if I get enough practice. In long term, I want to work for public welfare”.

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Nishtha did graduation in commerce from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. Nishtha is a live example- how one can break the barriers or stereotypes of society and she also proved that one can win anything if she or he has the will to do it even after having disabilities.

This year, Deshna Jain will represent India at the 8th Miss and Mister Deaf International pageant at Taipei city, Taiwan from July 8 to July 16.

Hats Off to such women who are an inspiration to several!