Manoj Patil,Manoj,Mr.physique India,bodybuilder,bodybuilding,wiki,Mr india
Backstage Before a competition

How did he got started with bodybuilding?

He started his workout in age of 16, that time he never thought about competing, he didn’t even know about these competitions and the scale on which they happen, he just started work-out because he was very skinny and just wanted be gain some weight. he haven’t looked back since that day. He was 18-year-old when He started competing. First he started with classic bodybuilding initially and later transcended to Men’s Physique, As his body and facial composition was perfect for that category

Major accomplishments Manoj’s your career

1) Represent INDIA in Asian and world championship
2) Mr. INDIA overall champion
3) Mr. Maharashtra overall champion
4) Mr. Junior Mumbai overall title
5) Mr. Balmitra Shree title and so many to mention

Manoj Patil,Manoj,Mr.physique India,bodybuilder,bodybuilding,wiki,Mr india

Something more about Manoj Patil

“I come from a humble background, therefore I have always believed in struggle and hardwork. I started going odd jobs ever since I was 13-year-old. I feel absolutely ecstatic about being a self-made person. My hometown is Kolhapur; Kolhapur has given the country many Athletes. I would also mention that my genetics have helped me a lot in my journey, although hardwork is the only way out, good genetics do give the much needed boost. But one should not become lethargic if they are blessed with good genetics, because that will not make you get up at 5am and hit the gym, in the end it all narrows down to your efforts and perseverance.”-Manoj in an interview

Training tips for someone who just wants to look good and ripped, but doesn’t want to compete?

Workout and diet of anyone who wishes to compete and not compete is vastly different. Those who are just looking to have a good ripped physique should just go to gym everyday 4 times a week and do weight training and 2 times a week cardio is best workout schedule for them. Make sure your posture is correct and doing weights, this will ensure the maximum benefits and also avoid unwanted injury. Also diet plays an important role in therefore make sure you’re avoid eating junk and oily food. Eat healthy and be healthy with good ripped physique!

Manoj Patil,Manoj,Mr.physique India,bodybuilder,bodybuilding,wiki,Mr india

Where does your motivation come from?

“For me motivation comes from within. Whenever I seen change and improvement in my physique I get motivated to do more well. If you see my pictures over the year you will see the difference in my physique for each year’s competition. Every year I try to better my symmetry and V-taper and my entire conditioning. I love to compete and try to present my very best for each year.”-Manoj Patil

What he eats to stay Fit

low carb diet rather than going for something like Keto or Atkins diet. He loves home cooked food and his ideal meal consists 40 gms Protein (fish, chicken, eggs), 17-18 gm carbs (direct or indirect source), 25 gm fiber (raw vegetables).

“I only eat carbs twice a day for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast consists of oats and lunch is an assortment of brown rice and roti combined with vegetables and salad.”says Manoj.

Manoj Patil,Manoj,Mr.physique India,bodybuilder,bodybuilding,wiki,Mr india

For Readers:

I want the readers to stay motivated and keep grinding until they reach their goal; and even after reaching their goal they should try and be at the peak of their fitness goal, because fitness is not a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle.