You must have guessed where this story leads by now? Yes, Netizens came together to get Douglas a ticket to the match. Just that, there was a twist!

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This is dans twitter post about the incident

Watching your favourite team’s football players sweat it out at the prestigious ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 is a dream come true for many. It sure must have been the case with Douglas too, who travelled all the way to Russia to watch England play Panama in the match on June 24. Just that, the poor soul apparently forgot his ticket, without which he obviously wouldn’t have been able to watch the match live from the stadium. While he was staying at a hotel in Volgograd, he happened to bump into Dan Howells, the ITV news editor, who then took to Twitter to share ‘lost Douglas’ story and requested to let him know if anyone had a spare.

Netizens came together to get Douglas a ticket to the match. Just that, this time, he went missing. Yep

The search parties on and off Twitter looked for the fan and calls were made to his hotel room, but to no avail. It was only later that an update on Twitter set the bells to stop ringing — Howells took to Twitter to share that Doug reached his hotel room only 40 minutes before the game was about to be kicked off and so, couldn’t reach the game on time.

Dan howells, FIFA ,match tickets,sports,russia2018,englandvspanama,eng-vs-pan

Well, only as luck would have it, isn’t it?