For you gaming might be a mode of entertainment but if you delve deep, it can create an addiction that you can’t get rid of easily.

Due to online gaming, mental health of youngsters is being affected & it is hampering their social well-being as well. Latest trend among gamers is PUBG; this game was created in December & very soon it became extremely popular among youth.

However, PUBG is slowly and gradually giving rise to addicts, which is not at all good. FilmyWap Download decided to come up with a superb video “Ssshhh…PUB G Hai” which throws light on how a group of friends are so deeply involved in the game that their lives change.

Among this group is one friend who is least interested in trying out. His friends convince him a lot to play the game but he refuses. What happens with him at the end is something you can’t miss out on.
You will surely get chills while watching the video; here you go…

So guys, hope you have learnt a lesson or two from the video. Save your friends from PUBG addiction and enjoy a happy life.