Students from Bihar are known for their intelligence and hard work. Every year thousands of students from all over Eastern India come to Patna for JEE preparation, with the dream to crack JEE. Though IIT coaching institutions in Patna do not have a high reputation like coaching institutions in Kota, Hyderabad or Delhi, there are a few who prove their metal repeatedly. If someone can go far from their hometown for JEE preparation and is financially strong enough, then I would certainly recommend him to go to Kota or Hyderabad, but if he wishes to prepare at home, then Patna has few of the best IIT coaching institutions for them. You must have heard that many students from Bihar have cracked JEE by studying in Kota, but the trend is though slowly but certainly changing. Students from various IIT Coaching institutes of Patna have performed very good in past years in JEE main and Advanced.

But the problem is every coaching claims to be the best, so which one to opt for?

We have put forward the Ranking of Best Coaching Institutions for IIT in Patna with detailed points:

Best NEET coaching centre in Patna, Bihar

Rank 1: Rankers classes


“Rankers classes” is producing exceptionally good results in past few years. Faculties are highly qualified. Every topic is taught step by step i.e. they will first teach the basic level and in subsequent classes, they will increase the level and reach the highest level i.e. JEE Advanced. This coaching is founded by Mr. Mantosh Kumar who himself was a bright student of NIT Warangal, he was also selected for IIT but instead chose NIT.

rankers classes mantosh kumar

Every student who has studied in “Rankers classes” can’t stop but talk extremely positive about Er. Mantosh Kumar. In one of the student’s own words –Mantosh Sir bahot talented hai, vo har ek concept ko aise samjhaatein hain ki us topic ko kabhi bhul nahi sakte. Sir ka focus humesha baccho ki bhalai par hi hota hai, kuch baccho ki vo fees bhi maaf kar dete hai agar baccha na de pa raha hota hai to”

So, as you can see that there are extremely positive reviews of “Rankers classes Patna”.

In “Rankers classes Patna” the teachers will prepare you for all the entrances and 12th Board Exams. The study material is great, and the topics are covered in a detailed manner. The teachers always motivate you to study harder and keep you encouraged. Vidyamandir Classes is known for its individual care. You will get to ask your doubts personally after the class and there are separate doubt clearing sessions. Regular tests for JEE Advanced and main is held which keeps students in constant touch with all the topics.

Rank 2: Fiitjee Patna

FIITJEE Patna provides most authentic and best results in case of Patna. But regarding classroom experience in FIITJEE, it’s pretty much fast and with a very irregular frequency of classes. It is also good but sometimes it makes an aspirant toil too hard and hence, he loses motivation.  They assume that you know the basic concepts already and they directly start with high-level theory and problem-solving. They will not teach you for the Board exam, which is a very big drawback. But if you are a good student then it is good for you. The material which you get and the methodology of teaching are very good. The teachers are good but you have to be a good and sincere student otherwise you end up saying he is a bad teacher. There is a definite number of hours decided for each chapter and they complete them on time, so they cover the syllabus well within time(This lacks in many other coachings). The infrastructure is also good and the study material provided has the collection of best questions. If you joined in 10th then it is good but, if you join after it, you have to do a lot of hard working on your studies, because the syllabus is so vast that the teachers have to teach fast. But if you study daily then you will be able to cover it. If you are a very good student who can catch things fast, then opt FIITJEE for sure, but if you are average or below then go for VMC. But yes, FIITJEE all India test series AITS is of very high standards. 84 Students from Classroom / Integrated School Programs and 118 Students from All Programs of FIITJEE Patna Centre have been awarded a rank in JEE Advanced, 2014.

Rank 3: Mentors Patna

Mentor is an OK type of institute. You should only join it if you are financially very weak and cannot join VMC or FIITJEE. Although it also has some of the good quality faculties you may not be taught by them. There are as many as 90-150 students in each batch. So, its pretty crowded. It doesn’t conduct as many evaluations or tests as necessary. Many students have complained that they were always underneath a bouncer. The frequency of classes is very high, leaving less time for practice and self-study and towards the end of the session, they just try to wrap up the syllabus. It claims to have got as many as 476 selections in JEE Advanced 2016, but you should note that many of them are from Test Series or DLP etc, only a small percentage is from their regular classroom program.

Rank 4: K Singh Vision Classes Patna

Vision Classes was good but now most of the good faculties have left the institute.


Though you can crack JEE by only doing self-study and not join any coaching, having coaching will certainly give you an edge as the coaching faculties know how to prepare and they can guide you.

It’s important that you do not go by the number of selections which the coaching centers show because most of the coaching centers publish the number from all their centers from all its centers from India, but what is important is the quality of the teachers. So beware of such fake news. And few coachings also add their students who took only Distance learning program in their results, and students think that they actually so many ranks. And there are institutes who show percent selection in JEE advanced out of students who qualified for it, but its a much higher percentage as they should show percent out of students who studied there and gave JEE and not only those who qualified for JEE advanced. So try to do good research on all the coaching before you join one because this decision can change your life.

We at FilmyWap Download strongly recommend our users to try “Ranker classes Patna”