Candid or spontaneous pictures are always the best. But knowingly or unknowingly what these strangers did is epic. They should be titled photobomb kings or queens.

1. Can you spot the photobomb yet?

Well, you pretty well might not because when these hot girls are posing in bikinis, where else will your eyes go? But in the background that ‘fun-Bobby’ or whatever his name is, gave the “perfect shot”.

2. The couple dreamt of a perfect picture but…

Photobomb in epic picture

I could say how magical the picture could have been but this man right here just ruined it.

3. DiCaprio is no less.

Photobomb in epic picture

Now who wouldn’t have wanted that photobomb. The presence of Leonardo DiCaprio itself is epic. No matter how you look in the picture you surely are gonna get hundreds of likes if you post it.

4. You can’t really tell what’s happening in this picture.

Photobomb in epic picture

Is he jumping? Did someone push him? You can never figure out, right? I am just thinking about the aftermath. Once he falls into that pool, how drastic it is going to be for the couple.